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F E A T U R E D: Kirst Over The World

Vancouver, Canada

My dear friend Kirsten, who I met studying abroad in Australia, is a travel blogger from London. She’s always taking little adventures around the globe and writing wonderful posts. Her blog is unique in the sense that she discusses all aspects of travel - from personal growth, to long distance relationships, to comparing cities to boyfriends. 

Today she wrote a post about her favourite travel inspired Instagram accounts, and what do you know? I’m on it! So I definitely suggest you take a little look to get inspired by all the amazing Instagram accounts she’s listed! And don’t forget to check out Kirsten’s blog!

My Favourite Travel Inspired Instagram Accounts



Laguna Beach, California, USA

S T Y L E H U N T E R: Vancouver Fashion Week 2014

As stylehunter.com's Vancouver Insider, I had the pleasure of covering this year's Vancouver Fashion Week. 
From the downright quirky to the utmost elegant, check out my article that features all the international designers that featured their collections on the runway:

Vindata - All I Really Need (feat. Kenzie May)

"You’ve been chasing new things, fallin out of love with Molly

And I’m always with Mary, she don’t like your good friend Charlie
You don’t wanna be lonely, ain’t that everybody
Appreciate your service, but I’d only hurt you, sorry”

C O L L E G E F A S H I O N I S T A: Jogging

It’s the perfect pant to wear to school. Comfortable and stylish. And guess who claims to have invented them? None other than Mr. Kanye West. 

Read the article over on College Fashionista here! 

S T Y L E H U N T E R: Lavender Locks

Alright. So I’ve talked about going lavender for a while now. And I have a lot of support behind me (even my mum!) I’ve never dyed my hair before, so if I do go through with this trend, it’s gonna be drastic! 

Read my article over on stylehunter to see Kelly Osbourne, Nicole Richie, and Ireland Bladwin’s killer lavender locks! 

May 1st, 2014

Oh my gosh. 
I’m the worst at this.
I’m officially done University now, so I’ll have more time for my side projects again! 
Sorry lovely followers! Bare with me!

C O L L E G E F A S H I O N I S T A: The Traveler


The beautiful combination of travelling and fashion. What more could you want?
This Fashionista was one of my favourite spots yet. The coolest part of her outfit was her travel backpack that she has taken all over the world. She has patches on her backpack of each country she has travelled to. 

Check out this Fashionista’s travel blog here: http://gonzotravel.wordpress.com

Read the article on CollegeFashionista here!


Raleigh Ritchie - Bloodsport

"Loving you is a bloodsport."


If you’ve been following me on any of my social media accounts, you know I’ve been involved in this little competition over on CollegeFashionista called ‘March Madness’ (yup, just like the basketball tournament). 
I got the most likes in round one thanks to my amazing friends and followers! But now I need your help in round two! Please click here to voted for me! A simple Facebook like and maybe a share would be amazing!

This outfit was also featured on ASOS.com! I’m wearing the Denim Boyfriend Jacket in Bleach Wash. 
Check it out here! 

C O L L E G E F A S H I O N I S T A: Then There Was Rain

Oh, Vancouver. This past week has been a roller coaster in terms of the weather. Some days you give us sun and blooming cherry blossoms, and other days you give us pouring rain.
My article this week over on CollegeFashionista will give you all the styling advice you need in order to keep stylish in the rain!
Check it out! 


                                                                       ”I am not selling just a garment, I am selling dreams.” 


This past summer, I worked with a creative genius. 
She was ambitious, daring, and a badass babe. Also, she was the sweetest thing ever making me green tea lattes. I loved sitting next to her in the office. I was engaged by her stories and her dream of designing. Back in 2010, in her home town of Edmonton, Alberta, she founded Icon Studio Designs. She’d showed me her designs that were inspired by her love of pop art. I was totally captivated and it was exciting to watch the birth of a creative adventure.

Jamie Cox has come a long way since the summer. I moved back to Vancouver for school, but through the power of Facebook, I’ve watched Jamie’s project The Factory unfold beautifully. Her wearable art embodies components of innovated fashion and it’s connection to the street. As she puts it, her t-shirt is her canvas.


                                                                  I was lucky enough to receive one of Jamie’s electric designs.
                                                                 Mask of Marilyn: 50’s Vintage Noir Tank Top, $40.00

                                                                                           Here is my designer talk with Lady Cox:

1) What inspired your collection?

The Factory: Icon Studio Designs was originally started and designed as a unisex fashion brand. With a policy of continually analyzing trends, we identified a growth market in street-wear and graffiti, which led to an increase in sizing and styles.

We created functional, comfortable, and trendy superior quality clothing. They now sell to both sexes, primarily to an age range of 13 to 40 years. We are a global brand with using 75 percent materials with organic properties. Retail outlets and investors are being sought to expand recognition of the brand and to increase distribution of our products.

A community based focus, the adoption of a positive philosophy, and new store openings will continue to play a very important part in our growth over the next two years enabling sales growth into a considerably larger customer market.

I love pop culture icons, music, fashion, art, and design, so I wanted to create a collection that had all my favorite things. The style of art is surreal pop art. Juxtaposing of iconic images and sayings in a wearable art street style t-shirt. Treating the t-shirt as a blank canvas, all the art work is originally designed by myself, unisex limited edition, numbered and signed. I wanted to create a t-shirt collection that hasn’t been done before. Each t-shirts is a piece of art work that the person can wear any which way they want and is exclusive to them.

2) When did you know you wanted to pursue fashion and what does fashion mean to you?

I’ve always loved fashion, but when I was 16 years old, I was mesmerized by a local Canadian designers fashion show. The fashion show was at a local warehouse by designer Paul Hardy. I was in awe sitting in front row. I was in awe of the craftsmanship, designs, and textures. The stunning models, clothes, and music all coming together to create a superb show. I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I knew then I wanted to create art that was fashionable, limited edition, and wearable.

What fashion means to me - It is a freedom of expression that is unique to the individual. It is the armour/amour for our day to day lives.

3) Who are your inspirations?

My inspiration comes from all resources from everyday life. It may sound cliche, but in a moment everything can be inspiring with the right senses coming together.

For people and places that are inspiring: my Mama, Andy Warhol, Salvadore Dali, Alexander McQueen, Helmut Newton, Mr. Brainwash, Italy, Paris and Studio 54 just to name a few.


4) How do you describe your style and fashion?

Nu Punk: There are elements of classic punk – the black leather , zippers, tartan and jewelry but with a fresh spin. From chain-heavy bovver boots with tweed and zips teamed with floral print, to grungy sweaters and lace dresses over plaid shirts. Then classic black on black skinny suites paired with a bow ties and flat black leather shoes.

5) How do you want this collection to evolve? And how do you want to evolve as a designer?

The Factory continues to introduce new styles, colors, and cuts to expand its selection of the t-shirt line to canvas prints. Shows, stores, and social networking are utilized to facilitate the discovery of new product ideas and innovations from their customers directly. We create direct connections with our customers
. And we continue to research new materials and fabrics for future product lines.

The most unique part about The Factory is the artwork. All t-shirts are numbered as originals and signed linking it to “Wearable Art”. The silk-screened prints are limited to production between 12 to 20 units in each size, thus keeping the prestige of the art and the brand. The customer receives a piece of art on all the merchandise with the Icon Studio Designs logo on the t-shirt. This is Icon Studio Designs unique trademark.

Evolving as an artist and business woman is crucial to the success of The Factory. We create limited edition art based products that stand out amongst the cookie cutter black and white fashions of today. Creating great products is crucial to the essence and independence of The Factory. Staying true to the story of the street-style wearable art is key as well. Allowing people to wear a garment that is truly unique, comfortable, and stylish. And the price point is exceptional. Evolving the brand with a studio, new images, cuts and styles is what The Factory is working towards. 


FACEBOOK: Jamie Cox - The Factory
Instagram: @dasfactoryhaus
E-mail: ladycoxdesigns@gmail.com
Website: ladycoxdesigns.bigcartel.com


S T Y L E H U N T E R: Fast Food Fashion & Coco Flakes

From Milan to Paris, it was all about food on the runway. Check out my StyleHunter.com article about Moschino and Chanel’s food inspired designs. I’d say ditch the clean eating! 

C O L L E G E F A S H I O N I S T A: California Girl


A few weeks ago, I travelled down to Souther California to visit a beautiful friend of mine who is at University in the Sunshine State. It was my first time to California, and to be honest, i didn’t really have any expectations. But my goodness, I completely fell in love. The endless sun, beach, gorgeous people, and bohemian fashion captivated me. The fashion in SoCal can only reflect that of a free spirit. Girls and boys alike were dressed effortlessly cool. I raged with envy that they could wear dresses and skirts in the middle of february. 

So in this week’s CollegeFashionista article, I talk all about Cali style. Read it here!

And while you’re at it, check out Bronwyn’s blog too!

G I R L  C R U S H: Sasha Keable 

Okay, for real. I only heard of Sasha Keable like an hour ago. But omgosh, she’s amazing. This is her track Careless Over You and goodness gracious, she has some soul in that voice - and she’s only 19. Check out her website and download her EP Black Book.


S T Y L E H U N T E R: Lupita Nyong’o: The Fashion Darling of the Red Carpet

She may have won the Oscar last Sunday, but that wasn’t the only thing Lupita Nyong’o won - she claimed victory in the fashion department too! Seriously, this girl has been absolute perfection on all the red carpet’s this season. And the best part is is that she rocks a new colour gown at every single event. Take down her name world, because Lupita is Hollywood’s new style icon!

Read my article all about it over on StyleHunter.com!